Sunday, March 14

St. Patrick's Day Clover

This is the hairstyle from last year. I'll do step by step photos later on, but I thought this might help for Wednesday. Here are the basics:

1. Split the hair in 4 and rubber band them- you can kind of see the sections- one part right down the middle, and then another from ear to ear. (And looking at the front view, I guess I did a simple headband type thing in the front so it wasn't a split right in the front...)

2. Do pull-throughs with each section- the top two will go toward the front of the head, the back two will go toward the neck.

3. Make hearts with each section. You can see that I kind of intertwined one of the hearts in order to help them stay down a little better. This year, I might do this technique with the rubber bands around each heart so the clover is a little more noticeable. (Not that this hairstyle will not be noticed) :)

4. Connect each heart in the middle. I did the bands down the ponytail in order to make it look like a stem of the clover, but others leave it down and curled, totally up to you.

5. Plan on getting a ton of comments/compliments on this do- like the heart for Valentine's day, it definitely gets attention.


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