Sunday, February 21

Better Late than Never, Right??

I meant to post this last week, when it actually was Valentine's day, but oh well. Next year this will come in handy for someone. :)

With 9:00 church, the time goes by a little too quick to do any real time-consuming hairdos, and the Valentine's heart was no exception. So, I borrowed this great rubberband-wrapping idea, and made this heart in about 5 minutes. Super easy. If I did it again, I would use a more contrasting band, just so you could see the wrapping a little better, but overall it was really cute. (Hopefully you can imagine a nice sleek do instead of this one with hairs all over. I forgot to take the photo before we left.)

I'm sure many of you got a lot of attention for the heart dos, right? Emma's teacher told me that Emma got her picture taken for the yearbook with this do. Crazy! :)

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