Tuesday, February 9

Another Heart Do...

I'm sure many of you look at many hair blogs, which right now, have many heart hairdos. I'm positive that this braid/ribbon combination is somewhere out there in the hair blog world, but this was my simple take on a cute heart do.

1. Simple ponytail- start it not too high, but not too low on the head- You need to make enough room for the top curve of the heart, and the bottom point.

2. I like to tie the ribbon in at this point, just loop it around your elastic, and then tie in a simple knot at the top.
3. Topsy-Tail upside down so it comes out of the top of the pony. (*I made the mistake of not including the ribbon on this photo- make sure to pull the ribbon through as well.)
4. Split the hair into two sections (will end up with 2 braids) Start one braid, using the ribbon as one of the sections of hair.
5. Braid all of the way down, and tie with an elastic. Repeat with the other side.
6. I use bobby pins at this point. I found these great small ones at Sally's a few weeks ago- they come in a little tin, and you can see the size difference. I love them for the little girls' hair, just because they don't stick out as much. You can see direction of the pins with the red arrows...


  1. Cute! There are so many heart hairdos! One day I made up one only to wake up to see it was on another hair blog!!

  2. Stacy, I know what you mean. There's been plenty of hair ideas that I thought were so super original, but once I started looking around at the other blogs, I realized that maybe I wasn't so creative. :) I guess there's only so many hairdo variations that you can do without getting too crazy. :)

  3. Adorable! I'm still glad you post, even when they're similar... I love to see the different "takes" on similar hairstyles. I have 3 little girls with very different hair textures/lengths/etc, so seeing how different people approach a similar style is very helpful to me.

  4. Really cute! How long is your ribbon?? My DD's hair is about the same length.


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