Tuesday, March 16

The problem with Bubble Gum...

The problem with bubble gum is that it is sticky. I don't mind the sugar, or the chewing, it's the stickiness that is the problem for me. While we were waiting for our tire to be fixed, Maia picked bubble gum from the quarter machine. I should have known better.

Maia did just fine with it, and I assumed that when I didn't see her chewing it anymore she had swallowed it like she has before. I was very very wrong. Apparently, as Michael told me, She was trying to "hide" it from him, and stuck it behind her head while we were driving in the car...I'm sure you can guess what I found later that evening...

Nice, huh? She did a great job getting it stuck really well. It was the best bubble gum job I've seen. So, I thought I'd look on the bright side of the ordeal and I thought, "Hm, this is a great hair-blog post!"

Here's how we save our hair from very short do's when gum gets stuck...

First, grab your oil. I use a cheap vegetable oil. No use wasting your good olive oil on this type of job. You need about 2 Tablespoons or so. (Also, some people use peanut butter, but I've found that it is just the oil in the PB that helps with the job.)

Rub the oil around the hair near the gum. Get it good and saturated- it will start breaking down the gum so you can pull out little sections of hair which will leave the gum with only one or two hairs really stuck.

Just keep on with this process, little by little. You'll end up with a gum-free, very oily head of hair.

Next step is washing. I use my shampoo (instead of the kid stuff) with a touch of dish soap just to cut the oil. Just a TINY amount though- it really will make the hair gross if you use too much. Rinse and Repeat (with just the shampoo) a few times and you'll have your little girl's hair back- gum, and cut, free. :)

Hope this is useful to someone out there who gives their little girl gum. :)


  1. lol OMG my daughter slept w/ bubble gum in her mouth and woke up w/ it in her hair. I was nearly bout to cut a patch in her head had her daddy not sat her down patiently taking out piece by piece! He didn't even use anything he just yanked what he could which in my book is almost the same thing as cutting it off! hahaha I knw it's sad that daddy had to rescue her but I was just impatient & had to dress her along w/ 3 other kids so I figured oh well I can just gel her hair over that part! lmao But thanks for posting this. I will definitely try this next time cause I know their will be a next time! hahahaha

  2. I did that as a little kid, too! I soooo rarely got gum that I guess neither me nor my parents thought about it before I went to bed - OOPS! Not fun!! We used some sort of goo gone stuff, probably overpriced, marketed for removing gum stuff. Thanks for the oil tip!

  3. I can't wait till i can use this tip...nooooo i CAN wait but am excited for the use of a GREAT tip!! thanks rach!!

  4. We haven't had this problem but I am sure it will happen someday. I am so glad I now have the knowledge so I won't have to cut the gum out. Thanks!

  5. I am filing this away in my brain- I am SURE this will happen to me soon enough!


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