Wednesday, May 8

Wednesday Anti-Lice Updo

You can read the starter post to this series HERE

This is the hairstyle I did today. I started with a simple low ponytail, split it into two sections- rubberband down each section and then tie in knots. I just looped the ends under the bun and pinned in a few spots. A nice simple-but-looks-complicated hairstyle.

Tuesday, May 7

I have been dreading this day....

On Sunday night, Emma handed me this note-

 (Yes, she waited all weekend to tell us, which could have potentially lead to a lice infestation catastrophe!)

So, I did the check- at the nape of the neck, behind the ears, all the places that they say lice love to hang out. Luckily, Emma did not have any sign of the little buggers.

BUT, I figured that there would be far less of a chance of her picking them up somewhere if her hair was up for the next few weeks. (Does anyone know if this is true? Makes sense to me.) :)

SO, that leads to the next few hairstyles- Creative ways to pull up hair that are not braids. (Emma has developed a small hatred of french braids. I'm naming them "ANTI-LICE Up-Dos" haha.

Has anyone out there dealt with lice? Did you use the regular shampoo or another home remedy? 


This one was just simple rubberbanned sections into a long ponytail...

Cute trendy little top-knot with a headband...

Thursday, April 25

Momma Do- Braided Tangle

This took about 10 minutes with dry hair- 3 braids, 4 rubber bands and a few bobby pins.

Start by French braiding the top section of your hair- just below your ears. Braid to the end and band at the bottom. I then folded the braid in half and banded closer to my head to make a "bun"

Take the bottom section and split it in two making basic braids with each side. Band at the bottom.

I curled the hair at the ends of the braids so they wouldn't be fuzzy, but if you have nice cooperative hair, you can skip that.

Finally, take the two braids, pull them up and over the bun, and secure under the opposite side. (So the bun will be able to cover the ends) All that is left is to secure the bun around the ends of the hair!

I will most likely add a headband when I am out and about, but they hurt behind my ears for long term wear. Has anyone found a solution for this? Maybe I just have a bigger head than most. :)

Have a good morning!!

Wednesday, April 24

Makeover Time!

If any of you have been following for the life of this blog, you will know that a makeover has been a LONG time due. I love this blog, and I love fixing hair, so I am going to make an effort to post more regularly!

Any suggestions or comments? Please email me or leave a comment below!

I am keeping this little cutie next to my computer to remind me to post! :)

Tuesday, March 26

One for the Boys...

**I'm getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest from this post about these little guys. If you would like to buy a set, please visit my website on Etsy,  PegBuddies THANKS!**

I finally finished these cute little Super Heroes! Michael loves them and is happy to finally have one of my projects be for boys. I guess with 3 girls I am usually doing girly things. :)

Friday, March 22

Such a bad blogger...

I have been such a bad blogger over the last few months. It seems like things are constantly getting in the way, or I find things that are just more fun that sitting in front of the computer. I have been doing a lot of furniture refinishing and random painting over the last few months, as well as random other projects that seem to suck all of my free time away. I still do hair- most every day times 4 actually- but it's not pictured and made into tutorials anymore.

So I'm thinking I will be using this blog for random projects. Just fun things that I've been working on. So here's the most recent- Princess Peg People!

I'm sure you've seen these around blog world, I think the first place I ever saw them was LilBlueBoo and since painting nativity sets this Christmas, I've wanted to do more with these cute little pegs- I've done a family set, and ones that are painted to the specifications of kids, and all were really fun. These princesses were beyond fun though- I loved all of the hours it took to paint them. I'm glad someone ordered them without knowing exactly how they'd turn out so I had an excuse to finally get them done! This is the little princess army I created this week for a customer:

If anyone would like to order a custom set, here's my link! :)

KidsRoomCreations Etsy

Friday, October 5

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