Wednesday, August 31

Super Simple Milkmaid Braids...

Here's a super quick style for a short morning- simple milkmaid braids using a topsy tail. Takes maybe 10 minutes for all of the steps.

You'll need-

4 Rubberbands (I used two black, and two clear)
Bobby Pins
Topsy Tail

1. Start with basic pigtails- place them a little more forward than normal pigtails, these were a little too far back, I usually try for right above the ears.

2. Use a topsy tail to flip the pigtails up. (blech, sorry about the melted popsicle in the sink!)

3. Now braid the hair into simple braids and tie with a rubberband. 

Now just flip them on top of the head, and pin into place. I try to hide the ends in the little "flip crevice" that was made from the topsy tail.

These are Emma's new prized possession. $15 at Target. Nice. :)

1 comment:

  1. Cute hair, and I can totally see why she loves the shoes :)


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