Wednesday, August 31

Curly Momma Do

My hair has gotten more and more curly with each baby, and sometimes it's easier to deal with the curl than try to get rid of it. I just recently found this mousse by Suave, and I have to say it is one of my favorites. It goes on more like a lotion and less like a big sticky foam. (It's even called "Whipped Cream Mousse" Yum.) :) My hair doesn't feel weighed down like it does with usual mousse, so I would recommend trying it to anyone that might need mousse. I think it was maybe $3.

After that plug, here's the do.

I used:
3 rubberbands
1 big hairtie
10 (or so) bobby pins

Start by flipping your head upside down and add the mousse to damp hair. At this point, I gathered some of the back hair and did a simple braid.

Now, the cute little front bump, and two side braids. (I rubberbanded each of them, and then took them out after the big ponytail.) 

Gather up all the hair and make a ponytail, then pin in place to bundle the hair into a little messy looking poof.

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