Thursday, May 5

Momma Do at Naptime...

I have been MIA on this blog for a bit. We had our spring break a week ago, traveling 14 hours (one way) in the car up to Idaho for a family get together. We went to Yellowstone National park, as well as just general lazy family fun. :) Needless to say, there wasn't much time or effort put into any cute hairstyles. Even since being home, the girls have been sporting simple ponytails or braids.

I just thought I would post this- it's very similar to the Momma Do video I posted last, but the back is just two flopped piggies (just not pulled out all of the way) instead of pinned. I've found that I have worn this style many times the last few weeks- it's fast (about 10min) and easy, and you can do it on wet, dry, or crazy bedhead hair. (The last is my preferred style lately.) AND, it works great for any length of hair.

Plus, it stays in really well throughout the day- even when running like crazy, or I'm sweating my pants off to the Ripped in 30 video by Jillian Michaels. (Only 4 days in, but a great workout...I love her 30 day shred too if any of you moms are looking for super quick workouts.)

So that's it. Sorry for slacking on the styles! And these pictures were taken while I'm sitting in the little girls' room trying to get them to sleep. Both girls have taken to me either holding their hands while they fall asleep, or at least being near them in the room. Good thing there's laptops. :)

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