Sunday, April 17

A Momma Do VIDEO!

So, like most people, I dislike being on camera, but I've had a few comments and emails asking about how to do the twists that are in some of the common hairstyles that I do. So, here's a simple updo that uses the twists braids as an updo. Super simple and pretty quick. 

All you'll need:
 - 2 rubberbands (or any hairtie to make two pigtails-  I use 4 rubberbands just hold my thicker hair better) 
-bobbypins (I used about 10) 
-flat iron or curling iron to curl your hair. 

The video is about 5 minutes, but I did cut out the curling of my hair, only because mine takes forever to curl it all. You can also do this without curling and without pinning the pigtails up, and it makes for a super cute casual weekday do. Also, if leaving it down, I'll try to put my pigtails pretty close to the back center of my head...I'm not a fan of little 5-year old pigtails on adults. :) 


  1. you make it looks so easy! i am going to try this!

  2. I love your blog! I have a link to your blog on my for hairdo's, thanks so much for the ideas (I have 5 girls, I need them!)


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