Tuesday, December 14

Anthropologie Inspired...

Browsing through Anthropologie's website is a fun pastime for me. I love looking at the fun hair stuff, as well as the wonderfully beautiful (and pricey) knobs. Anyway, last time I was surfing, I came across this:

Cute, huh? But at $32, I knew it wasn't meant for my little girl's head...So, in comes my cheap make-it-yourself attitude. :)

I just gathered some supplies, black beads left over from the spider project, black felt, and hot glue. (I was going to use the headband, but it was brown, and Emma hates headbands, so I switched to a BIG snap clip.)

Cut circles from the black felt the size that you want the circles. I chose to do one smaller than the other...

I had a video for this part, but it seemed too basic to add it. I just strung the beads, stuck the big jeweled black bead in the center, and then glued the beads in a circle. Repeat for the second circle.

As I said before, I decided against the headband, and went for this big snap clip. (They were huge- I forget where I bought them, I think at a grocery store in Washington, but they were at least 2" long.) I started by gluing a bit of the circle edges together, and then glued them to the clip. As you can see, I'm not so neat when it comes to the gluing. :) 

Emma had her first piano recital on Saturday, and she picked out this dress all by herself. (and the shoes! She likes her bling!) Right when I saw it, I knew this accessory would be perfect with the dress. I just curled her hair and clipped this in...


  1. That turned out so pretty! I think yours turned out cuter than the headband one that gave you your inspiration! Great job! Your daughter looks beautiful!

  2. What a cool hair accessory, I am going to have to try and make one myself. Also, I absolutely love your daughters dress, she looks so beautiful, I hope she enjoyed her piano recital!

  3. SO cute! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish I had a huge clip like you. I made mine on two hair clips, it does not look as cool as yours though. I will make it work, and if the clips every break off I will be making a headband. Thanks for the tutorial, I found similar beads today and then found this tutorial, its like it was meant to be.

  5. love it! i think you could even used those inexpensive mardi gras bead necklaces for this. they have them in loads of colors--or you could spray paint them whatever color you desire. just clip the necklace apart at one end so you have a strand and wind it around into a spiral. i suppose you could sew it down or just use glue it.

    thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Really cute! I'm going to try it.


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