Tuesday, December 14

Spirit Week- Holiday Headwear...

I didn't mention yesterday that this is "spirit week" at school. Today is wearing holiday headwear, and luckily, I found some super cute little antlers at Claire's. (They play jingle bells and the little holly berries light up.)

I was going to weave her hair around the headband, but knowing Emma, she doesn't like wearing headbands all day, and last time I did pull the hair around a headband, her teacher had to pull it out and her hair looked awful the rest of the day. So, we just went with a super simple do of 3 ponytails curled and pulled up into messy buns.

In other random news, this is the last week of my first Masters class. I've been trying to work during the days to get my last huge research papers done, and this is usually what I have to deal with. Ruby's not a fan of me at the computer. :)

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