Thursday, December 16

Ballerina Bun...

I've wanted to do a video of the ballerina bun for quite a while. I've waited for a nice quiet time when I could do it, but unfortunately, it hasn't happened. So, instead, I thought I would give you a real-life look into a morning of fixing Emma's hair.

Before you watch, I'd like to point out a few things...

1. Michael's exceptional eating manners. It's not until I watched the video that I realized that he is totally chewing like a cow- mouth open, stuffing food in, even getting out of breath in one section! He makes a mother proud. :)

2. The riddle that Emma answers is "What kind of suit does a duck wear." Yeah, it's one of those cheesy homework assignments.

3. Michael is the king of syrup. He'd eat it on spaghetti like Buddy the Elf if I'd let him. He also likes to share this love of syrup with the little girls.

4. It's pajama day tomorrow. Michael's excited if you can't tell.

5. Maia and Ruby pretending to burp halfway through. That's my girl! :) (I actually hate burping...)

6. My kitchen counter is all sorts of messy because I had to wake up early to make rolls. 5 dozen of them.

7. I usually do talk to my kids during breakfast, but being the only one that knew the camera was rolling, I didn't want to. :)

So, basic idea of this bun, start with a ponytail, then pull small sections, roll forward (I roll twice, but it depends on the length of the hair) and then pin with bobby pins on both sides of the rolls.

The little jingle bell hair tie was from Claire's. I told Emma that her teacher could take it out if it was too distracting. I can only imagine how many times little jingles would sound when Emma was working...


  1. Darling! Including your kids! I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who bounce around while eating breakfast! There are times where I wonder if they are capable of holding still. :) Thanks for sharing. I'm amazed you were able to do it with the hair completely dry. That would not work for me, I have to have the hair damp for almost anything. Maybe it is just the texture of my daughters hair.

  2. LOVE IT RACHEL!! Great job!! I love how your kids look like you and your husband.........and TOTALLY wish i was a member of your family to have the RED hair!!


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