Wednesday, November 17

I did it! Pics of the blue...

So, after all of your comments, I had the guts to do both- I cut my hair and dyed it. Here are some pictures. :)

After Maia saw me chopping my hair, she decided to do the same...

This is the fresh-from-the-chopping-scissors-cut, so it will be a little more cleaned up when I go get it done...

I love that I can camouflage the streaks for the more conservative moments in life. :)


  1. FUN!! Looks great. It is nice to have something a little funky and different but you are right about needing those conservative moments, too. I recently dyed my hair a bright burgundy red and added black streaks. I felt a little uncomfortable at church the next day! ;)

    Poor Maia, she just wanted a new do, too!

  2. Fun! I have a bottle of purple just sitting in my cupboard dying (haha) to be used. :p looks great!

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