Thursday, November 18

Toddler-Hawk and Hair Bleaching...

I saw the super cute bun-hawk over at Adopt-a-Do probably about 2 years ago, but never have done it on my kids. This one started out as just a regular ponytail, but there were sections that weren't staying in place, so I decided to change it up a bit. Just three sections all lined up in a row make a cute little pony-hawk. (haha, pony Tony Hawk...Okay, I'm a little sleep deprived this morning.) :)

This is what Maia does now when I want to take pictures of her hair. I have to sneak up on her now. :)

I had someone email asking about the "process" of dying my blue hair. So, here it is- (If you don't care at all, then don't read this part.) :) Now, I did this all myself, with the help of you-tube and a little internet research. Not the best idea, if you ask me, but it worked out. :)

1. Bleach out any of your natural color. (If you're already a light blond, you can skip this step) This was a hard one for me, knowing that I'd always have this blond spot on my head when the color fades. I used the Manic Panic "Flash Lightening" kit from Sally's. ($9) I made a mistake the first round and didn't leave the bleach on long enough, and my hair was still a bit golden when I took it off. Needless to say, the blue was not blue, but more of an ugly I-swam-in-the-water-too-long-green-blond. I repeated the bleaching the next day (not recommended, but I did it.) and left it on until my hair was practically white, and then the color turned out much nicer.

2. Blue- I used Manic Panic "After Midnight Blue." ($9) After researching quite a bit, this was the product that seemed to do the best. They have a ton of different colors, which will be fun when I tire of the blue. Maybe pink for V-day, Yellow for easter, etc? :) (just kidding, I wouldn't do that...)

I did use foils on each of the steps, which was a bit of a challenge. I had my sister come help with the second round only because I couldn't see the places on the back of my head that I had bleached first. I wouldn't really recommend doing it yourself if you can help it.

One thing that I couldn't find anywhere online was actually WHERE to place the streaks. So I just kind of played with my hair to get a feel of the places that I would want them to be. I ended up with two in the front, just a little back from the corner of my hairline, and two in the back, a few inches back and down from each ear.

Overall though, it wasn't too terrible of a process. It cost me about $20 instead of the $100+ they wanted at the salon. (Maybe $25 if you include the ruined towel that now has a big blue spot on it.) :)

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