Tuesday, August 17

A project for Emma...

I was driving home about a week ago, and on the side of the road I saw this baby, along with some chairs. The little hand written sign said "Vanity $5, Chairs, $2 each." I was so amazingly happy that I had left 3 out of my 4 kids home on that errand, so I rang the doorbell where a super cute little old lady came out and told me that she had this vanity and chairs for over 40 years. CRAZY! I gladly paid her the money, folded down my seats and tucked my find safely in the back. 

After getting it home and doing a little more inspection, it looked like it was 40 years old- if not more. There was multiple layers of chipping paint, green mildewy stuff (under the mirror you can see it) and all sorts of rust on all of the hardware. I almost gave up knowing that it would be a ton of work. That was until Emma saw it. She fell in love immediately, and I knew that I would be in for a big job.

Hi, Maia! (please don't notice her hair- it was a stay-at-home-day.  :) 

(See the other chairs stacked up- she had 6 of them! I'm glad my husband understands my need to refinish things.) 

Anyway, after lots of scraping, sanding, priming, and painting, here she is: 
Emma picked out the colors, and she had the final say in the fabric for the chair as well. I used acrylic paint in the lighter pink, and then used a glazing medium to create my own glaze for the darker pink. 

These little additions were left overs that were in my tool box- they used to be ends of a curtain rod...I think. You can't really tell on the picture, but they are painted silver with some super cute glitter. Just a little added bling. :)

I LOVE this fabric. I got it in the clearance section at the fabric store- only 2.99/yd for upholstery fabric. NICE! I'm glad Emma liked it since she was doing the actual "picking"

This little guy was found at the D.I. for $1. I did this before I finished the vanity or I probably would have used the same colors, but it works well in the room anyway.

Now, anyone have any suggestions on how to get Emma to sleep in her own room? She has slept with her brother for his entire life, so she's a little anxious about it. Not to mention that she's on the bottom floor when the rest of us are on the top. Please someone have some advice. I need it...

I promise I'll do some hair posting this week! 


  1. So cute! You did a great job!

    Do you have a baby monitor you're not using? It might make Emma feel better if she knows you'll still be able to hear her if she needs something in the night.

  2. Is it a problem that she sleeps with him? Just mover her after she is a sleep. Joshie and Aloria share. They sleep so I am happy. All 4 of my cousins daughters end up in their brothers room almost every night. I think it is kind of cool and a good bonding experience for them. They will grow out of it soon.


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