Wednesday, August 18

Baby GaGa

Just as a little preface to this hairdo, I really dislike Lady Gaga. Yes, her songs are catchy and upbeat, a little fun to turn up loud in the car, but overall, I just don't love her. 

Anyway, her hairbow hair has always been a fun one. I'm sure most of it was a wig most likely, but it was a fun idea for sure.

Here's my take on the do- pigtails into bows!

The first side, so you can see what I was going for. You'll need some mini bobby pins, some good goo, and hairspray.  So start out with basic pigtails...
 This is goo that I like. It's really a good one for structured stuff like this. It is gooey though- so don't let your kid grab it. It makes a mess. I also used some Short Sexy Hair Spray Wax. Pricey, but the smell alone takes the pain out of the purchase. :)

Separate the pigtail into three- the center piece (hanging down) a little smaller than the other two.

Make one loop, and pin. Don't worry about the loose hair- it will be twisted up with the rest at the end. Repeat the loop with the other side, making sure to leave that center piece out.

Now take your center piece. With Maia's length, I had to wrap it around the pigtail once, and then bring it down the center and pin it.

The best "final product" photo I could get. She was mad that I was finished with her hair. Either that or she REALLY doesn't like Lady Gaga. :)

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