Wednesday, August 11

Easy Peasy (No-Sew!) Ribbon Bows...

Sometimes I don't have ribbons that work with a certain hairstyle, so in those cases, I need quick fixes. Here's a super cute and easy way to make a fun ribbon-

1. I usually use a thinner ribbon for these, and I cut about 2 feet per bow.

2. Wrap the ribbon around your fingers, leaving the ends sticking out. For this length, I can wrap it 3 times.

3. Place a bobby pin in the center of the ribbons, catching both sides of the "bow." With Maia, I usually use the mini bobby pins at Sally's, but I couldn't find them, so the big ones did just fine. 

4. Now, place the bobby pin where you want the center of the bow to be placed, and push into the hair. These types of bows work the best on buns or ponytails.

5. TA-DA!! Now it looks like a cute little bow in the hair. Repeat for each of the other buns, and there ya have it.

Easy Peasy ribbon bows! (And a super cute 4-messy-bun-hairstyle) I usually end up with little lengths of ribbon of all sorts of colors when I do this a few times. They are great for reusing at the ends of pigtails and such.


  1. Super cute! Thanks for the tip!

  2. so easy!!! I am suprised the ribbons dont slide!! Thanks for the tip

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  4. Oh my gosh... I'm meant to be here... Just read the tittle of this post after leaving my last comment about hair being "easy peasy"! LMAO


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