Thursday, August 19

The "Where's my hairbrush??" Momma Do...

Whenever I am searching for my brush, I hear Larry the Cucumber* singing loudly, "Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush??" (If you're not familiar with the Veggie Tales, you're missing out on some very catchy songs.) :)

Anyway, It happens. Some days I just can't find it and I have to fix my hair without a brush. A pain for sure. So here's a good one for those kinds of days...

See, no hairbrush- straight out of the shower.

Start taking messy sections of hair and twisting them. I usually do three twising down on one side, and then three twisting down on the opposite side. Also, I try to not have the part right in the center of my head. For some reason I think it looks funny.

Just in case you wonder how I can hold and twist 6 sections of hair. My mouth is often my third hand when I'm fixing my hair. Add taking photos to that and it was a challenge.

Anyway, once the twists are finished, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail (twists are still in your mouth at this point) and then pull the twists one at a time into the ponytail and then tie off.

This is a terrible photo, but it shows my hair better than the other one. I take half of my hair, kind of fold it up onto itself and then pin it. I then take the bottom section and fold it down and pin it. It makes a nicer messy bun. The no-brushing actually helps on this part- the hair strands are still sticking together pretty well from being tangled up in the shower.

There ya go. A nice easy do that takes about 5 minutes. I made this little twisty. I thought it would be fore Emma, but it's to big for her tiny little noggin. Lucky for me. :) (Super easy and no sewing! I'll post a tutorial on these soon.

Just for fun, this is what Ruby looked like when she woke up this morning. It was a good day for sure.

*Thanks Julie for the correction! Larry is a cucumber! :)


  1. Cute style! :)

    And don't you mean Larry the Cucumber? :) Bob is the tomato. It's sad how well I know my Veggie Tales.

  2. Great post! I love the twists. (I have to admire your camera skills, too!)

  3. Just came by from Better After, and loving your blog so far...
    Sadly my kids are too old for veggie tales now :( or I'd still be watching them! lol
    Great idea for a quick out of the shower hair style. Easy peasy. Thanks for sharing.:)


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