Sunday, May 2

Momma Do times two...

This was a fun, easy momma do for a Sunday. I started out with a full head of flat iron curls. Then I sectioned out the front portion, enough for two twists. Pull back the rest into a clip, just to keep it out of the way.

Now, IF you have thicker hair, or you are just not good with bobby pins, pull out one little section of hair that is UNDER the top layers of hair, and back about 6" from the front of your head. You will use this section to tie off the twist so it will stay pulled back. (Some people use bobby pins here, but my hair is too thick, and won't hold as tight, so this is my little trick.)

I find it is much easier for me to do the back twist first- while holding the hair for the front twist in my mouth. (I'm sure there's a better way- maybe a clip or something, but my mouth is easier.) :)

So, twist back that section, rubber band to the little piece of hair that is near the back of your head, then repeat with the front section (pull out another piece of hair to tie this one off to, or it will be too big of a "bump" on that part of your head.)

This was cute left down with curls all over, or (after church) I pulled it up into a curly little ponytail. Nice! Two twists, and two different dos! (By the way, my little brother told me to smile during my pictures- so Tim, this little cheese is for you!) :)


  1. you're adorable and your hair looks great!

  2. I stumbled across your blog through Jenn's hair blog and I just had to let you know how great your momma dos are. My daughter has short hair now so I kind of stopped going through the hair blogs but the longer my own hair gets the more I can do with it and I love some of the dos you have done. I need to figure out how to do the twists in front cause I love those ones. Thanks for thinking about all the moms with long hair.

  3. I just found your blog and I love it! You have some really great ideas. You are so cute and I love this do. I am going to try it right now. Thanks :)


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