Friday, May 7

A Cute Misunderstanding...

So Abby came over for a few minutes this morning before school while her mom ran some errands. She asked me if I could do "braids and a flower", meaning two simple braids with a flower in her hair, but I though she said a "braid flower." It turned out to be a pretty cute do. :)

I started with a basic ponytail- separated it into 5 braids, and then just played with the shape and pinned with bobby pins. Abby has crazy long hair, so I'm not sure how well this would work on even Emma's length. This would be super cute as a flower girl do as well.


  1. Cute story!!! And cute flower

  2. Rachel,
    When I was at Abby's school today her teacher said that she loved this hair-do so much that she had all the other teachers come look at it, she was so impressed! : )


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