Thursday, April 29

For Leslie Rae

I recieved this email from Leslie Rae:

My name is Leslie Rae and I'm in the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I'm in the ensemble and i have absolutely no time to change hairstyles. Can you please come up with a hair do that follows these requirements:

1. Up-do please (I'll be dancing and singing and I'll get sweaty :( )

2. If it's possible I need it to incorporate the 50's, 70's and Egyptian times. Is that even possible?

3. My hair is thin and about shoulder length.

4. My mom will be doing my hair so, it has to be basic. She's not as talented like you, although she can french braid and dutch braid.

I think that's about it! Thank you soooooo much I LOVE your blog!! I am now hair obesseed.


Leslie Rae

So, Leslie Rae, this is what I came up with. Two dutch braids, going opposite directions, all pulled into a ponytail. I did the ponytail first, after sectioning out the hair that I wanted for the braids. Then two braids and you're good to go. I think the dutch braids look really cute with this style, but the french braid would work just as well.

The ponytail should help with the up-do requirement, and I thought that it would help a lot with the 50's style if you added a quick little scarf or something. The braids helped with the 70's requirement, and they won't fall out as easily as some of the pull back ideas. Also, with the 70's, I thought you should quickly add a big flower to your hair. As far as Egyptian times, I thought a super quick gold ribbon around your forehead, tying it back behind the ponytail, would be perfect. (You could even premake the right size and add some velcro so it really would be a super quick addition.)

Hope that helps, Leslie Rae! BREAK A LEG!! :)

**I don't know how well-known pony-o's-with-a-button-making is. Does everyone else know how to make them and I just figured it out last night? (And I also don't know if this is the REAL way to do it, but it worked well.) If you'd like to know, leave a comment and I may do a tutorial. Super easy. :)

*Emma sometimes will fix little stuffed animals' "hair" this morning it was her little bunny with his ears in a bun. :)


  1. Lovely hairstyle! And yes, tutorials for crafty hair bits are *always* welcome! :D

  2. THANK YOU sooooo much!!! When I got home Thursday my mom called me into the computer room and showed me that you posted it on your blog!!!I screamed and called my friends because they know I love to look at your blog!!! I was sooo excited!!! I LOVE the hair do!!! THANK YOU!!
    Leslie Rae


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