Thursday, April 1

Headbands from Neckties...

If any of you are like me, you've got a husband with a ton of ties from various events that he is no longer using. This is a great idea I found on how to turn those used neckties into super cute headbands.

This first one came from our wedding reception! I followed this tutorial on Craft Envy to get this final product:

I love the big flower on this one- so cute! This would be great to just do the flower and add it to a clip as well- You could make quite a few (in different sizes) from one tie.

The second version was a tie from my husband's mission in Portugal. This one I used a plastic headband base from Michael's (around $2) because I wanted it to be more structured, and I actually had a bit of a hard time getting the elastic to be just the right size on the previous one. I used a cute little yo-yo maker (the little flowers) to make three of the same size and added little jewels. Cute!

Anyway, here are a few of the steps for the second project:

1. Unstitch your tie and cut off the long skinny end. Open it up and measure to your headband

2. With a bead of hot glue, fit the fabric onto the headband. Most ties don't have a pattern that you'd have to really pay attention to, but if you have stripes or something, make sure to watch that they are laying evenly on the tie.

3. Once you have finished your headband, it will look like this-

4. Finish by making little yo-yo flowers (Same as the tutorial above) I hot-glued them to the headband before adding the little jewels. All done!


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