Monday, April 5

Toddler Twist Piggies...

This was a fun one that we did for Maia this past weekend. I started with the braids at the bottom, then the twists, and combined each of them to the middle section. She was being extra wiggly that day, so I was rushing the twist on the right. Oh well- still looked cute! :)

Also, I'm almost positive that I have posted this one before, but this is a super fast do that looks really cute- a simple dutch braid that splits into two regular braids. Kind of tricky to get it to stay straight, but nice when you need your hair up for windy days. (We have crazy wind today in Vegas!)


  1. I love your hair blog! I don't have kids of my own (yet!) but go nuts when I get my hands on my neices hair! I don't know how to french braid but looking at your pictures makes me really want to learn!

  2. oh so cute! I love that first one!


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