Monday, March 29

Wedding Hair! (Easter Too!)

My sister and her daughters were going to a wedding last night, so of course I asked to do their hair- So fun! (These ideas would be great for Easter- very formal and pretty)

Anyway, Becca asked for a "messy updo" I found that I don't do messy very well. I like sleek and structured much better than messy. :) This was my attempt at messy:

I just started by curling everything, then pulling back sections and twisting a bit and pinning.

I wanted to make sure that the back didn't fall out, so I actually took the bottom section and pulled it up with a rubberband first (then pin around the curls to hide that part.)

Here's Maddie- She's cute. :) Her hair is super layered, so we just did a fun curl with a simple very loose french braid in the front. She accessorized- cute, huh?

Now here's Savannah. I posted about my love of her dye job before, and this is why- look at how absolutely cool this looks with the little twists. If I were only younger and braver. :) I just did twists back, meeting at the side of the head. Now here, you could leave it just in a simple ponytail and it would look great, but we decided to pin up a few of the curls to give it a different look.

The final product:

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