Tuesday, March 16

St. Patrick's Day Do's

I finished this do for tomorrow. Hopefully it won't get too fuzzy tonight- I'll have to prop up Emma so she sleeps sitting up. :)

Also, Here's a pic of the fun little flippy do that we have planned for Maia for those of you with a toddler. :) (We got the green hair at Claire's)

I am posting only the final photo, but there's a simple slide show showing all of the steps. I just didn't want to take up the entire blog with one post. Happy St. Patrick's Day! My kids will be waking up to green milk, green eggs, and green pancakes. What does your family do to celebrate?

Crap, not sure what's going on with the alignment of the video- if you want to see the other side of it, you can watch it on youtube...sorry!


  1. So cute! I did the same hairstyle on my pippy today, only I braided the ribbon in instead of twist/wrapping it. So Fun!!! We are going to get green slushies at Sonic!

  2. Super cute! I am having a hair bow give away at my hair blog:

    I would be SSSSOOOO honored if you would enter!


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