Tuesday, February 9

Toddler Heart...

Doing shorter hair is pretty hard sometimes, but this one was really simple, and turned out really cute. It's only 10:30, and we've already gotten 3 comments on it. :)

I started out by adapting this do by only doing one heart, then instead of leaving Maia's hair down (which usually ends up super crazy by the time we're out of the car.) I pulled up both sides into simple pigtails.

Sorry for the fuzzy photos- still working on getting used to the camera.


  1. Cute! My brother broke my camera and I still haven't gotten a new one. My hair blog is hanging by a thread which is getting ready to be snipped! No camera,no money. That sound good?

  2. Adorable! I love it with the pigtails. I think it actually looks better with toddler hair.


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