Monday, February 8

Emma's Design...

So Emma's been on quite the hair strike lately. So yesterday I told her that she got to design her very own hairstyle. Lucky for me, she did something not too crazy, and it actually was very cute and simple. So, if you're little girl is on a strike, give her the option of designing her own hair. :) (Or, for more fun, send me their ideas, and Emma and I will fix her hair like that!)

(I love the swirl as the bun...I started doing a twisted bun, but she said she wanted a big bun, so I changed...)


  1. Cute. I asked Bethel one time if she wanted to design her own hairstyle, but it was WAY to crazy to sport!!

  2. so cute!! and i wish i had her red hair!

  3. I like that idea - I think this could really help our hair fights!


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