Tuesday, October 6


So this one is very similar to this, but I just switched up the top braid from the french braid. Really easy and cute, one that takes maybe 5 minutes, and that's when Emma's all squirmy. One trick to the bun is to do the braid really loose, then twist it around and bobby pin it. Once again, Emma didn't want a bow or anything (sad that she's starting to dislike bows- she actually will take them out and put them in her backpack before going to school...) :)

And making is first appearance on Redpunzel, is my little Michael. He's 5 now, and just had his first day of preschool today. He did his hair all by himself (because he's apparently too tough and grown up now to need his mother's help) Really, I'm actually very proud of him. :)

*Now that I see these downloads, it's proof that Maia has been playing with my camera with her grubby little fingers. I'll be sure to clean the lens before the next professional photo shoot. :)

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