Tuesday, October 6

Momma Do

So my husband teases me because I sometimes get sucked into watching QVC- I don't know what it is, but I just love watching it. Anyway, a couple days ago, there was a lady selling Spanx, and her hair was super cute- just a simple french-braid headband, and the rest down. So, I copied the Spanx lady today. This would be really cute on a little girl as well- Emma wouldn't let me really "fix" her hair today, so I had to try it on myself. (Oddly enough, I could french braid this little front part of my hair long before I could braid another persons hair...) Just thought I'd share about the good things that come from watching QVC. :)


  1. Wow really simple and like you said, it looks good on all ages, you blog is so interesting and if you keep it going, i just cant wait to see what it will lead to? i also really like the vintage/nuetral theme you have, its different from the bright pink and yellow blogs, and it better than white! good work,

  2. Very pretty! I would love to see more Mommy-do's... I've been having a blast the last couple of weeks, playing with new styles for my 3 girls, but mine is still stuck in a plain old ponytail... lol.


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