Sunday, October 4

For the Tween/Teen Crowd

So my nieces Savannah and Maddison love to visit me because they get to watch my kids, and help clean my house, and at some point, they usually get talked into me fixing their hair. :) So, here's some dos that we did when we were all together.

Savannah has long thick hair, which made this do pretty easy, but it could be done on shorter hair as well- the bun would just be more fluffy instead of curly like it is. You can't really see on the pictures, but there's the main braid from the deep side part, but on the other side there is another smaller braid.

Maddie has short hair (a little longer than chin-length) which made this really fun. She hates to have her hair pulled though, so the pull-throughs were a bit torturous for her. :) This looked really cute and a little bit punk-ish, which is just perfect for Maddie.

Anyway, just some fun hair from some different models.

1 comment:

  1. Wow!every update never ceases to impress me! I am a teen and i am definitly going to try one of these tomorrow! hehe you should have a contest for followers only so i will win!


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