Saturday, October 24

Super Simple...

Emma is sick. She was sent home from school yesterday early with a fever, and it is still going strong. So, we will not have any Church dos tomorrow. (Well, Maia might, and if I can talk her into it, we might have a Cinderella and/or curling tutorial.)

Anyway, I thought I would post this one that I had done a while ago- super simple with just braids and rubberbands, but I added these cute little glittery flowers (purchased at Wal-mart in the baby section) and it added so much to the look of the hair. You can see how to do the do on the picture without the flowers, and then the final hair.

Also, just a quick picture of Emma- who won an award for being the "Most Respectful" in her class. Proud Momma moment. :)

Here's a closer picture of her hair, which was not my best work. I had to fix it in about 5 minutes, with hair that was left over and still had rubber bands from the day before. PLUS, I couldn't find my good comb! (If you haven't seen the post, check out my "Basics" for the type of comb I love.) The cute bow is from Chic-clips

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