Tuesday, October 20

Snow White...Sorry, no Dwarfs

So I know a lot of little girls dress up as Snow White, and some will have long hair, so I thought I'd show how to make long hair look short and curly. (This is one of Emma's favorite hairstyles because she would like to cut her hair SOOO badly. I don't do it often because she gets so much attention for "cutting" her hair.)

So, first, here's a picture of Emma's hair. You can see that it's pretty long, mid-back, and straight.

To start off with the do, just pull up most of the hair except for a 2-3" section at the base of the neck. Curl this nice and tight with either a curling iron or the flat iron. (I used my flat iron) Then, take each of the curls, wrap them up onto each other and pin them to her head. (these are essentially old-school pin curls.)

Now, let down the next layer, curl tight, and pin. This time though, let about 1/3 of the hair fall from the bottom of the curl before you pin it.

For the top layer, do the same thing, but now let more of the curl fall out of the wrap before pinning. Also, make sure on this section to hide the pins a little more than the bottom layers.

The final step is adding the signature red bow. Now you have a Rapunzel turned Snow White. :)

(As always, please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions! I get all excited when I get comments.) :)


  1. That is just brilliant! Love it! I'm going to do that on my daughter this week. Maybe for Sunday...

  2. Wow! That was like magic! so cute! Love the new layout!

  3. This is such a cute idea!! I am a follower now, love your site!

  4. Geez, Rachel, I'm impressed! I never even though of doing that. It looks so cute.

  5. I could pull that one off on Kyleigh but I'd have to dye her hair, shes more Cinderella/Tinkish, stinkin blondies.


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