Friday, August 28

The "Basics"

This post is about the "basics" of my hair doing. For most people this would seem to be quite a ton more than just basic, so just go with what you have. This collection has taken me about 6 months to get together, so just go little by little.

First, my tackle box. I've got quite a lot of extra hair additions in this box- most are from Walmart or Target, some from Claire's at the mall. I usually don't buy things for this box that are more than $2-3, as I know my little girls will lose them.

Second, my rubber band box. Yes, I separated them into colors myself. They come in a little container at Walmart in the baby section, and these are about the best rubber bands I have found. They don't rip the girls' hair, and they don't pull (too bad) when we take them out. Also, you can see my bobby-pin box.

Third, my bow wall. I made most of the flower ones for super cheap, made most of the regular bows, and I've bought a few as well.

I've also got my curlformers (super great curlers, I'll probably post about them later on) CHI (I always thought the expensive irons were just a gimmick, but this one is super great) and other miscellaneous sprays and goodies. (My two spray bottles have water and Infusium 23-much better than any detangler for my girls' hair)

So, yeah, this is what I have to fix my girls' hair. Lots of fun (well, for me) and it gives me time just with my girls. (And my boy, whenever he decides he wants a mohawk.) :)


  1. OMG! Its like looking at my own stuff! LOL!
    I also have a collection of hair accessery for my girls and i can't stop making or buying them stuff which gets my hubby annoyed haha! good to know i'm not the only one

  2. Could you share how you make the flower ones? How you attach them to the barrettes and such?

    Thank you! :D


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