Monday, October 19

Sunday Dos

So here's the group of pictures of our Sunday hairdos. I meant to have them up last night, but of course plans never work out the way they should. :)

We had our Primary presentation today, so I wanted the kids to look nice but not too overdone. I just did a simple ribbon in Emma's hair. You can see how I tie back the front sections, twisting them a bit at the base, and then banded it at the base of the neck. I add the ribbon by twisting it around the twist once, I think it holds a bit better, and then banding that as well. Pretty easy, but looks really cute.

Maia I think I've shown before, but I'll add it for fun. I've also done this do (the other terrible picture) where I end it at the base of the neck, so it looks a bit like a french braid.

Michael wanted to be on the hair blog- he had "nice" hair today for the program. No mohawks at least not when everyone is going to be looking at him. :)

Mine was a little different for me- I usually don't do the on-the-side thing, but I actually got a lot of compliments on it, so if you're up for something different, that'd be an easy start. I just did a middle part, put the back section in a side pony, then did the twist backs and tied them as well. Then just a bit of pinning and there ya have it. (I really dislike photos of me, so you all are lucky that I posted this one. :) I couldn't get any good pictures of the hair without my face in it!)


  1. Wow! I love them all! Our primary program was yesterday too! I wasn't in it but I think those are fantastic and nice hairstyles. They would be good for picture days too.

  2. Ally, Emma's do is actually what I did for her Kindergarten picture day- she looked like a little 50's girl in them. :) Thanks for all of your great comments!

  3. This is gorgeous! I'm confused though. You did twist backs and tied it?

  4. I love it, you look beautiful!


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