Saturday, October 17

Momma Do...

I had a request to show more "momma dos" so here's mine from today. I have pretty thick hair, which has gotten more and more curly with each pregnancy. (Did this happen to anyone else??) So, I usually try to fix it when it's wet, which makes it much easier plus I don't have to wait for it to dry.

This is a super easy half-do. I just start with one section right at the crown of my head and tie it with a rubberband (I usually use black in my hair, but thought I'd use purple so you could see it) Then I just twist back sections of hair, tying each with a rubberband. (So I end up with about 4 rubberbands all overlapped at the end)

Once that part is done, I take the ends and twist them up and pin with a bobby pin. This is another part where the first banded section comes in handy- the pins have a section of hair that is secured enough to hold without getting to loose. Pretty easy, and fast too. The ends usually come out a bit and poke out, but I think it looks cute- a touch funky and fun. For more of a formal look, make sure to curl your hair first so if the ends are out, they kind of add to the look.

If I add a clip, I usually pin the twists below the rubberband, just so there's a spot for the clip to hold- and the clip covers this rubberband-

But, I usually go plain, so I pin the twists above the rubberband so they cover it-

So there you have it. I'm working on a video tutorial on how to curl hair with a flat iron, so if there's anything else that you would like to see or need more explanation on, please leave me a comment. Thanks!


  1. wow that would look good on just about anyone! thanks for the great variety of hairstyles on your blog!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for posting more Momma-Do's! :D
    (And no, my hair never gets more curly ever... it's as straight as straight can be, ALL the time... I'm finally starting to not complain as much about it =P )


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