Thursday, October 15

Aah! There's a Spider on my head!

I was asked for a "halloween hair idea"- at first I thought of bats, then spiderwebs, then SPIDERS! of course!

So, after some thought, and failed attempts, here's a super cute (well, I think so) hairdo for Halloween. I'm working on a spider web look as well, but that attempt got cut short by bedtime. (Plus, I ran out of quarters to pay Emma- that's what I've had to start doing- paying her to fix her hair like it's some sort of chore for her to sit in front of the tv.)

ANYWAY, back to the spider. I started with a simple ponytail (put this where you would like the body of the spider to be) Then I braided 8 small sections of hair on both sides of the pony. Now, here's where the instructions got tricky without having pictures- When you are partway down the braid, fold over the end and rubberband it. (So there's some straight hair at the end- if your little girl has short hair, you won't have to do this- just braid down the entire part.) Then, fold the braid in the middle, and rubberband it again (this makes the little joint in the leg)

Once you have all of your "legs" done, just do a simple bun in the middle, and use bobbypins to put it into place. Also, at this point, if you have some of the straight hair, bring that back up to the bun and pin it in place. This helps to position the legs, but I didn't think it would matter much- mine were sticking up anyway without pinning them. I'm sure you could use some cute claw clips at the end of each leg to put them in place though.

So, hopefully someone else tries this out. (Send me a photo if you do! rachel at kidsroomcreations dot com) It was fun to do, and I really think it turned out cute. I even asked 3 little kids what it was (just the picture) and they all said "a spider!" so at least it's recognizable to others. :)

Bring on some more challenges! I'm doing a Belle hairdo idea soon!

**When I do this again, I will use some gel and probably do it with wet hair so the braids don't have so many escaped ends.


  1. Oh cute! Being a teenager, couldnt quite pull it oof but cute!

  2. I LOVE that! Super cute for Halloween at school where they wear navy/red uniforms, so the typical orange/black hair bows don't match.

  3. I tried this and my spiders legs kept falling over? What did I do wrong?

  4. I love it, totally going to try it tomorrow for school! I'll let you know how it goes!


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