Thursday, October 15


So most days Maia and Ruby get left out of the hair doing only because they don't have to go anywhere. (Which is sad because Maia loves hers done) But this morning, I had all three girls set with hair and ribbons before dropping of Em and Mike at school. Now the two little girls and I are at home blogging with nice hair. (Not me- all the morning time was spent on the kids- I have left over hair from yesterday.) :)

Anyway, just some photos of what I did. Maia's was pretty simple, and it really does help keep it out of her face all day- doing the smaller sections of hair like this is great for little girls with not so much hair. You can also start at the back of the head and work your way up and end with cute little pigs on the top of the head. (My friend from church does this one on her little girls and they are super cute- you know who you are if you read my blog!) :)

I bought the cute candy corn ribbons for Maia and Ruby from EGS Designs (I hope she doesn't mind a shout out) They are the itty bitty size and the medium size.

I learned the cute little twists on the top of Emma's do from Cute2tryHairdos, and I have done a few variations of the back (plain pigtails, messy buns, etc.) This one was cute and simple, just did one "tie" and then twisted them around eachother, secured with bobbypins and added the bow.

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  1. Love it and Ruby's gotten big! It's only been a couple weeks.



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