Saturday, October 10

Costume Hair...

So, if Emma will let me today, I am going to practice her hair for Halloween. She's going to be Queen Amidala- super pretty, but kind of crazy hair. (Michael is Darth, Maia is going to be Yoda, and Ruby is an Ewok. I'm still trying to decide if the husband and I are going to dress up, but if we do, we'd be Obewan and Leah- can you tell I like the themes?)

Anyway, this got me thinking, that it might be fun for you readers to give me some costume hair "challenges." I'll take your ideas, create the hair, and post pictures. Fun, right? So, bring on the requests!


  1. Hey Rachel,
    I want to do my daughters hair in a cool Halloween hair style of some kind. Do you have any Halloween hair ideas you could show us? :) I thought maybe something with spiders. :)

  2. My 6 yr old is going to be a clown (mostly because my Mom found a clown costume that she made for me when *I* was little, still lurking in a dresser drawer at her house... lol). Any cute ideas for clown hair? She doesn't want to look funny (o.O)... so... cute clown would be good. Her hair is about medium weight, shoulder length, and straight, if that makes any difference :)

  3. Christy, is she wearing a hat? Or just the hair? I've got some ideas in mind. :)

    Thanks for your comments!


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