Tuesday, September 1


So, I'm starting a blog for my little girls' hairdo's. I've put it off because there are some other great blogs out there with other great ideas (many that I have used) but I have had so many comments from people that I should start one. So here I am caving in to peer pressure. :)

My blog is called Redpunzel because my little girls all have red hair. (Well, we're counting on the third to turn red like her older sister did, so if that fails, my blog title won't make a lot of sense anymore.) Emma is my most tortured with her hair, only because she has to have it fixed for school every day. Maia is finally getting long enough hair to do some fun stuff with, and Ruby, well, she had her first little bug antennas on Sunday for church. (I'm so proud! She's only 2 months old and she already has given me enough hair to fix!) :)

I'm just doing my first post with a few photos of past hair that I have done. This blog is going to be pretty casual- most likely a lot of quick photos without a lot of explanation. If you do need me to tell you how to do a do, then let me know. I'm happy to help.

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