Wednesday, September 2

Daily Do's

This is what we did for hair today- I did the front of Emma's when it was still wet, and the blow-dryed and curled the back. To get the little pull-through's, I used my little loop (I think they were called Topsy-tails or something like that? I bought mine on ebay, but I've seen them at Claire's as well) and then just continued adding more hair, doing another pull-through, etc until the end is finished with just one band. (I try to hide it by pulling the hair in front on that side...)

Mine is a wet-do, which is really easy for me since I have long thick hair that takes forever to dry. I just separated the front section, pulled the rest into a ponytail, then did the twists back to the pony. If it helps, use a separate rubberband to hold each of the twists. Then just wrap it all up nice and messy like. Seriously- do it messy. If I try to do this one too neat, it just ends up looking silly. :) This is also really nice when you don't want your bangs in your face all day long- like on cleaning day, which is today.

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