Thursday, April 25

Momma Do- Braided Tangle

This took about 10 minutes with dry hair- 3 braids, 4 rubber bands and a few bobby pins.

Start by French braiding the top section of your hair- just below your ears. Braid to the end and band at the bottom. I then folded the braid in half and banded closer to my head to make a "bun"

Take the bottom section and split it in two making basic braids with each side. Band at the bottom.

I curled the hair at the ends of the braids so they wouldn't be fuzzy, but if you have nice cooperative hair, you can skip that.

Finally, take the two braids, pull them up and over the bun, and secure under the opposite side. (So the bun will be able to cover the ends) All that is left is to secure the bun around the ends of the hair!

I will most likely add a headband when I am out and about, but they hurt behind my ears for long term wear. Has anyone found a solution for this? Maybe I just have a bigger head than most. :)

Have a good morning!!


  1. That is really pretty! Headbands hurt my head, also. The only solution I've found is the really wide cloth ones, and then only if they're big enough. (And most of them are not really "dressy", either, although I do have one that's lace.)
    (I got mine from, but it was a couple of years ago, and I don't see the style I got on their site now :/ )


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