Friday, March 22

Such a bad blogger...

I have been such a bad blogger over the last few months. It seems like things are constantly getting in the way, or I find things that are just more fun that sitting in front of the computer. I have been doing a lot of furniture refinishing and random painting over the last few months, as well as random other projects that seem to suck all of my free time away. I still do hair- most every day times 4 actually- but it's not pictured and made into tutorials anymore.

So I'm thinking I will be using this blog for random projects. Just fun things that I've been working on. So here's the most recent- Princess Peg People!

I'm sure you've seen these around blog world, I think the first place I ever saw them was LilBlueBoo and since painting nativity sets this Christmas, I've wanted to do more with these cute little pegs- I've done a family set, and ones that are painted to the specifications of kids, and all were really fun. These princesses were beyond fun though- I loved all of the hours it took to paint them. I'm glad someone ordered them without knowing exactly how they'd turn out so I had an excuse to finally get them done! This is the little princess army I created this week for a customer:

If anyone would like to order a custom set, here's my link! :)

KidsRoomCreations Etsy

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