Tuesday, May 7

I have been dreading this day....

On Sunday night, Emma handed me this note-

 (Yes, she waited all weekend to tell us, which could have potentially lead to a lice infestation catastrophe!)

So, I did the check- at the nape of the neck, behind the ears, all the places that they say lice love to hang out. Luckily, Emma did not have any sign of the little buggers.

BUT, I figured that there would be far less of a chance of her picking them up somewhere if her hair was up for the next few weeks. (Does anyone know if this is true? Makes sense to me.) :)

SO, that leads to the next few hairstyles- Creative ways to pull up hair that are not braids. (Emma has developed a small hatred of french braids. I'm naming them "ANTI-LICE Up-Dos" haha.

Has anyone out there dealt with lice? Did you use the regular shampoo or another home remedy? 


This one was just simple rubberbanned sections into a long ponytail...

Cute trendy little top-knot with a headband...


  1. I am a foster parent so, YES I have dealt with lice! If you ever actually have to get rid of them, here is my recipe for lice free hair(which has worked every time)...
    First, use Listerine mouth wash. Start with dry hair and saturate the entire head with plain brown Listerine. Then twist hair up and cover with a plastic shower cap for about 30 minutes.
    Second, rinse out Listerine. You can wash the hair.
    Third, use a pointed tip squeeze bottle and completely cover the scalp and hair with olive oil. You must get the scalp where the little bugs live!! Then twist up hair, wrap with saran wrap and cover with a new(clean) shower cap. Leave on over night.
    The next morning wash hair. You may need to use dish soap to get all the oil out of the hair.

    I do this every 7 days until I have completed it 3 times.
    Now for prevention...
    Tea Tree Oil shampoo, lice hate the smell. All of my family uses this.
    I also use a lice repellent hair spray on my elementary aged children. You can find a whole line of products at Ulta.
    Hope this helps :)

  2. me and my two sibilings had lice 7 times in the span of 3 years! yikes! my mom tried all of the home remedies she could find but we would still have it for at least two weeks every time until she discovered these oils. we treid mayonaise, peanut butter, all sorts of chemicals labeled for lice treatments, she combed out our hair twice a day, and made us wear shower caps 24/7. but the third to last time we had it she found online these oils that were sold together and they are small bottles with lavender, tea tree, and geranium. she got one teaspoon of each and put it dispersed throughout our scalps and rubbed it in all over. we would sleep with that in shower caps, wash our hair in the morning, and she would comb our heads to get out all of the dead nits and louse. it actually worked for killing both the eggs and the actual bugs. every time my siblings get a note that there might be an outbreak, my mom does the oil treatments to us and we havent gotten it in 4 years!


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