Saturday, August 13

M.I.A. Again...

So I've been completely ignoring this blog again. I'm hoping once school starts again, we'll have some more styles and different stuff. It seems like we do a lot of braids and ponytails when we just hang around the house.

One thing I did the other day that was a little fun on Emma's french braids for gymnastics was to start them on the top of her head so they would just go straight down her head, instead of curving from the front and going back. Here's a quick shot. Just shows that tiny little changes can make a cute difference on a simple style.

Also, Emma was baptized this past weekend- she did so great, and we had a lot of fun family over to play that Saturday. I had to plan something that wouldn't require any work afterwards, so I went with some braids. Here's a picture of how I finished it- just kind of tied it in a little knot and twisted the ends around to hide them.

In other news, here's a fun project that I've been working on for the past week. I love refinishing furniture, but this was a HUGE job, and really tested my patience. I really loved the end product though, and it was totally worth the work.

Hope everyone is doing well and is having a super fun summer! (Although I know some of you have already gone back to school- we still have 2 weeks left!) I have some fun mom-dos planned for the next bit, and hopefully will have the tutorial up for the cute twisted flower that Emma wore with her baptism dress...they are super fun and easy to make, and you can add them to anything- bobby pins, headbands, ribbons, etc...

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