Thursday, August 25

Inspired by: Heidi Klum

So I'd like to apologize in advance about my pictures- my kids got my "real" camera, and it's having some issues, so I've been using my phone instead. Not great pictures are the result. Too bad my husband doesn't think this is a big enough issue to get a new iPhone with a better camera. :)

Anyway, I caught the end of a Project Runway the other night, and of course, Heidi Klum had great hair like always. So here's my take on it...her's was a little fancy for laundry day, so I did a more casual version. :)

 1. Start out with a small bun with the back half of your hair...Nothing fancy here, just a not-pulled-through-ponytail.
 2. Now, with the top section, shape the little bump by smoothing the hair, adding a small twist, and then pinning in place. (If you X the bobby pins, they will hold better.)

3. Take the side section, smooth and twist a couple times. I just pulled this back to the bun and used a rubberband to keep in place.
 4. Repeat on other side...(This is where a nicer phone would come in handy...check out that quality photography!)
 There ya go! I super simple, easy style that looks great for any occasion. Best part is it takes all of 5 minutes, and you can do it with wet hair.

 If it were a fancier date or something, I would curl the hair first, leave the hair in a ponytail during "construction" and then pin in into a messy bun after the front was all fixed into place.

Who needs expensive spas for mud baths?? Just have your brother dig a big hole in the backyard and fill with water. :)

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