Tuesday, May 31

5 DAYS!!!

...until I'm running my guts out at the San Diego Marathon. Aack!

For some extra fun, I went from blue streaks to PURPLE! I think I might love them. :)

I need some help- I'm working on my playlist- I'm wanting about 6 hours, hopefully it won't take that long, but just in case. I need some good upbeat music- any suggestions? I'm more of a rap girl than a rock girl, but any suggestions will help!

I'm also thinking about my hair. Something out of my face, but still cute. Twist backs into pigtails? One ponytail? Braids? Hmm...This is how I had it at the 1/2 I ran in March...rubberband "headband" back into pigtails. (It was a St. Patrick's Day race...I don't usually sport crazy socks.) :) 


  1. j.lo-On the Floor ft. Pitbull
    KT Tunstall-Black horse and a cherry tree
    KT Tunstall-Suddenly I see
    Bruno Mars-Grenade
    Bruno Mars-Just the way you are
    Bruno Mars-The Lazy song
    Plain White T's-Hey there Delilah (New Version)
    j.lo- the whole Love? Album
    Rascal Flatts-Life is a highway
    Lady Gaga-Born this way
    Lady Gaga-Pokerface
    Chris Brown-Yeah 3x
    Cee Lo Green- Forget you (or F*** You-non radio edited version if that is what you like)
    David Guetta/Rihanna-Who's that chick?
    Ke$ha-We R who we R
    Enrique Iglesias-Tonight
    Rihanna -What's my name
    Rihanna-Only girl in the world
    Avril Lavigne-What the Hell
    Katy Perry-Firework
    Britney Spears-Hold it against me
    Taio Cruz- Higher ft. Kylie Minogue
    Taio Cruz-Dynamite
    Taio Crus-Break your heart ft. Ludacris
    Morning electric-Corners of her fame
    Elvis Presley-A little less conversation
    Far East Movement-Like a G6
    Usher-More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)

  2. Not much help on the music, I listen to things like Les Mis and The Who's Tommy on my long runs.
    I have longer hair and do pig tails in rope braids that cross to the other side in back.
    I did want to wish you luck on your marathon! I am signing up for my first in October.

  3. I think side braid going back into a pony. That sees like an easy low maintenance hairdo.
    Toxic - britney spears
    panic at the disco - first album "A fever you just cant sweat out" - it helps me power through my workouts.
    cowboy casanova - carrie underwood
    Songs like this - carrie underwood
    Jesse McCartney's latest album Departure has some good fast tunes too.
    I would suggest listening to the songs on youtube before buying any.


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