Thursday, March 17

Inspired By: Fairly Legal...

I should do a bit of research and find out who the actress is that plays on this new show, but I'm getting a blog post up, so that should be good enough, right? :)

Anyway, I really like this new show- they have a few episodes up on Hulu if you haven't watched it before...this week, the main actress has a great little braid in the opening scene- it looks to me like two french braids going into one, so that's what I did. Nothing too fancy, but it ended up looking really cute. I for sure would try this one on my own head if I still had long hair, and if I had a couple extra super-long arms. :)

I started with one loose french braid on one side, braiding a bit down and banding it to keep it in place.
 Do the second side- you can see that I started the braids more on the side of the head, and further back than I normally would. Plus, this picture looks like I kept it nice and tight, but part way through I would let it slack a bit.

Now, I started the center braid by putting one braid on either side, and then taking a section of both braids in the center. A little tricky, but I just grabbed all of the hair with one hand, and sectioned it like this. (And after I had it sectioned out was when I removed that first rubberband.)

Now just do a simple braid down the back, and band it. Simple and super cute. :)

In other sad sad news, it looks like Ruby is a biter...or at least she's starting to be. Any suggestions from you experienced moms? I've never had a baby that would bite...She got Maia's cheek HARD the other day. :(


  1. Beautiful hair do. I do something similar to my own hair every once in a while.

    I had a biter and boy was it a trial. My baby brother was also a biter and one time someone had to get stitches! I will tell you what helped in both of those cases and maybe one will work for you.

    My brother: After running a gamut of "cures", including having my brother bite her on purpose, my mother made him bite his favorite stuffed animal. My brother cried and wept because he just could not do it, but my mother followed through and made him. His poor stuffed turtle! But- he never bit anything ever again.

    My daughter: The stuffed animal trick did not work for her. LOL. What ended up working as that I decided that every child in her presence had the right to do what they needed to defend themselves. Biting is one of the most violent forms of non-verbal expression and I felt that other children deserved to be protected from it.
    My sons and I made a progressive list of what could be done, as well as talked about the warning signs. When she lunged at them to bite, I gave them the power to make sure she never got to their skin. They had to be very vigilant, but after a few weeks, it was like she forgot to even try to bite.

    I hope that helps. Your girly looks like she is in some major pain.

  2. O poor baby :( My youngest daughter had this problem, she bit her sister on the back of the leg so hard that it bruised bad. My daughters were only one and two at the time but my older daughters first reaction was to turn around and wack her sister. The biter got the hint alright they both cried for a few minutes but needless to say my younger daughter never did it again. Im not saying this is the best solution but it is similar to what Becka said about letting the other children have a way of defending themselves. Hope everything works out :)


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