Monday, March 28


Our church here in Las Vegas sponsored "The Event" this weekend. It's similar to a prom, but with higher standards. :) I had a couple of super cute girls come over to have me fix their hair. They had just turned 16 (the age you can go) so they were super excited. Nothing too crazy, but both turned out super cute.

E. wanted something big and curly, but loose and fun. She had sent me a few examples of updos that were lower on the head. After curling all of the hair with the flat iron, I ponytailed the back section, twisted back the front pieces, and then bobby pinned all of the hair around into the big "poof." Lots of hairspray and she was finished.

  (See that #1042 next to Michael's Disco Bear? I ran a 1/2 Marathon 2 weeks ago. Yay!)

M. wanted a half, and wanted her bangs pulled back. I started by curling all of her hair as well. I did a small ponytail at the top of the head (to anchor all of the other sections I'd pull back) and then just twisted and pinned as I went along. I also added the detailed twist in the front to hold her bangs back, and then just pinned the longer strands into a small poof. Super simple, but oh so cute.

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  1. how did you do the twists to hold her bangs back? its super cute but i cant quite figure out how you did it...


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