Monday, December 6

Simple Smocking...

This was a quick one this morning. I just started with one section of hair, split it to two, and then three, and then back to two and then braided. Maybe 10 minutes, and that was with interruptions. I THINK I've seen this idea where it turns to a Christmas tree. (Anyone have a link to that?)  I'll be trying that one next week. Em's also designed one of her very own that we are excited to show you. :)

Today is a BIG cleaning day for me. I've got some good upbeat music (thanks, Pandora) and hopefully will get something done. I haven't done much cleaning the last few days because I was doing lots of projects around the house. You can see a couple here. Also, back to a hair subject, anyone have a great gel/mousse/frizz-buster type product? Now that my hair is short, unless I straighten it, it's big and poofy because it's thick and wavy. I'd love some suggestions!


  1. Treseme (sp?) Anti-Frizz spray. I put about 4 squirts in my hand, rub my hands together slightly then rub over my hair. works great. Was awesome when my hair was shorter like yours.

  2. This stuff. Found a link.

  3. Christmas Tree Version From Hairstyles for girls


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