Monday, November 29

Mermaid Tail...

I'm not a great braider, but I do think I do okay when it comes to dutch braids- they seem a little easier to me for some reason. Anyway, I was going to start out with something completely different, but my braiding got off track, so this is the do I ended up with.

Start with two simple dutch braids. I did the hair on a deep side part for this, because I wanted the hair to end up as a little side messy bun...

Take the larger of the two braids and pin to the smaller side. Here I made a change...I was going to have the braid as a bun, but there wasn't enough braid to cover much, so I decided to make it a messy bun instead. So I moved up the rubberband, did some curling, and had enough hair for a messy bun.

 (Maia shut the door so Ruby couldn't come in- Ruby was chasing Maia with a hairbrush, and Maia didn't like it much. About 10 seconds after this picture, Maia got her fingers smashed in the door.) :(

Just take that hair and pin it around. I usually use rubberbands for messy buns, but I only used bobby pins this time just to make it fall out a little more. See now why I think it looks like a Mermaid tail? Emma thought I was a little weird, but oh well. I'm her mom- that's what I'm here for. :)

Have a good Monday!! 

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